Recommended Used Estates

Many have predicted that estate cars may dwindle out with the increasing popularity of the MPVs and 4X4s coming into the mark however, estate cars still remain a popular choice for many business users and anyone after the extra luggage space will appreciate the appeal of the estate car. Here I have brought you 5 estate cars which I believe restores the faith in estate cars.

The first estate to restore faith is the Mini Clubman, this car offers the style of a Mini Hatchback but it a more practical package. The Clubman estate keeps the original quirky and classy styling and go-kart driving experience and provides adequate space in rear for adults and it a cheap car to run. The negatives I feel with this car is they’re expensive to buy and the boot is still relatively small in comparison to some of the other estates I discuss.


The Volvo V70 is the biggest estate that Volvo built and is famed on building estates. The interior is well built and it’s an attractive vehicle, with comfortable seats which make it an excellent car for the long motorway trips, the car also prides itself on its exceptional safety features. Unlike the Clubman Estate it has a huge boot and versatile interior which definitely comes in handy when people go for an estate car. The car however, isn’t as much fun to drive as say for instance the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E Class does edge it on boot size and the V70 isn’t as comfy on the shorter journeys around town.

Audi A4 is a more executive estate compared to the previous two; the Second Hand Audi A4 estate offers the fame quality feel as the saloon model but offers the bigger boot capable of holding larger items. The A4 is extremely comfortable and has one of the nicest interiors in its class, the car also comes with an efficient rang of engines. A few drawbacks with the A4 for me is I feel there are more exciting cars to drive in the market and it also comes with a high price tag.

Mazda 6 is the next possible estate potential buyers could go for. The Second Hand Mazda 6 has stylish looks equipped with low running costs. The car has comes with all the relevant safety equipment you would want and more and the combination of its silky exterior and enjoyable drive definitely makes it as a contender in this category.  The negatives are that the car isn’t as spacious as some of its other rivals and it’s a shame the dull interior can’t match the stylish exterior.

The Second Hand Volvo V40 is more of a lifestyle estate than the usual load-lugger, the seats fold quickly to provide additional space which can cope with most families’ requirements. Like most Volvos the safety is particularly good.  Overall the car has an upmarket and expensive look and is well equipped but the loadbay isn’t huge and the earlier used models ride and handling is poor.

  • July 9th, 2014